MinnYak Bass Fishing League

Northfield, MN

Minnesota Kayak Bass Fishing League is a non-profit organization founded on a simple set of goals:

To stimulate public awareness of competitive kayak bass fishing as a major sport.

To promote growth in this sport within the state of Minnesota.

To provide opportunities for club members to travel and compete in regional and national tournament series.

To incentivize other fishing organizations, companies, and/or sponsors to bring competitive opportunities into the state of Minnesota.

To work with local conservation and commerce agencies to enhance and protect black bass populations by practicing and promoting catch-photo-release (CPR) style tournaments.

Club Members

Joey Vanyo
TourneyX Joey VanyoJ. Vanyo
Avg. Length 17.35"
Total Fish Caught 218
Scott Stuhlmann
TourneyX Scott StuhlmannS. Stuhlmann
Avg. Length 16.43"
Total Fish Caught 436
Ryan Thompson
TourneyX Ryan ThompsonR. Thompson
Avg. Length 16.59"
Total Fish Caught 176
David Mikkelson
David MikkelsonD. Mikkelson
Avg. Length 18.24"
Total Fish Caught 54
Kirk Whiting
TourneyX Kirk WhitingK. Whiting
Avg. Length 16.73"
Total Fish Caught 54
Dan EbneterD. Ebneter
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0

Club Director

Club Calendar